How to get data from child table client side

I want to validate email id of child table of doctype so i tried to get it using console.log( but i am getting undefined

please help me to get each email form child table

Just add the Email in field Options it will automatically validate the fields text valid is email id or not.

you can also check the following Validating email id - #2 by max_morais_dmm



i have used this code for validating email of child table in doctype

// getting number of row in child table
length_of_array = frm.doc.student_details.length;
// getting all email from child table
for (i=0;i<length_of_array;i++)
{ // validatin email
msgprint(__(“Please enter valid email of student details table on row{0}”,[i+1]));
validated = false;
return false;