How to get ERPNext to show Login only?

If I run the VM in VirtualBox and then open localhost:8080 I am presented with Login page.

But if I create an Instance in AWS using Bitnami image and then point my browser to it I get the web site.

Instead of showing the web site I want to land the user directly to Login in page.

How to do that?

At least please try reading the ERPNext manual before posting in the forum

If you need login… change the landing page to ‘login’

can you suggest how to do this for particular employee also? I mean if an employee login to his/her account…How to land him/her on particular module only? I’ve disabled the modules which are not useful for employee so suppose I want them to land on HR module then is it possible?

  1. Go to Role list
  2. Open Employee role
  3. Set Homepage

I did that already but its not working…I will be greatful if you provide me a path for example. Thanks