How to get full records using REST API

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By default, the REST API will return 20 records and will only fetch the name of the records.

Here we need to get full records and all the field values in the document means how to send a request.

Please kindly do the needful.

use limit_start and limit_page_length params.

if you need (filtered) total count /api/method/frappe.client.get_count check frappe/ for valid params

try limit_page_length=None and fields=["*"]

Hi @revant_one,

It is working fine now but if I pass the URL with filter param “like” means it doesn’t work. Please kindly do the needful. Ledger Entry/?limit_start=10&limit_page_length=None&fields=[“item_code”,“qty_after_transaction”,“warehouse”,“batch_no”,“stock_uom”]&filters=[[“item_code”, “like”,“SKF”]]

try this


also make sure there is no space

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Hi @revant_one,

Thanks, it is working fine.

Could you please help me on how to pass the variable to the query string in the URL.

In this URL,

querystring = {“limit_start”:“10”,“limit_page_length”:“None”,“fields”:“["item_code","qty_after_transaction","warehouse","batch_no","stock_uom"]”,“filters”:“[["qty_after_transaction", ">","1500"],["warehouse", "like","%PT/SASTRI/RFB%"],["item_code", "like","%SKF11143/WHITE/64OW%"]]”}

for this value SKF11143/WHITE/64OW, I need to store this value in the variable and pass the variable in URL like below,

itemsearch = “SKF11143/WHITE/64OW”

querystring = {“limit_start”:“10”,“limit_page_length”:“None”,“fields”:“["item_code","qty_after_transaction","warehouse","batch_no","stock_uom"]”,“filters”:“[["qty_after_transaction", ">","1500"],["warehouse", "like","%PT/SASTRI/RFB%"],["item_code", "like","%itemsearch%"]]”}

But it doesn’t work. Please kindly do the needful.