How to get HSN Code in Purchase Order with Item Inserted

While Creating the purchase Order how get HSN Code along with Items?

Create hsn as a new field in the P.O doc and in the fetch write this item_code.hsn then check that box fetch n unchech print hide n it should work

Do look for other answers …i am also new to erpnext but i was facing similar situation

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@Sunilshirsat @Essential_Queries{
            method: "frappe.client.get_value",
            args: {
                "doctype": "Item",
                "filters": {
                    'name': item_name, 
                "fieldname": ['gst_hsn_code']
            callback: function (r) {
                if(r.message != undefined) {

I hope this Custom Script Solves your problem. :slight_smile:


Hi Rohan
I am just curious why this script which you have given.Why not simpler one “A.B”
where A is the item code and B would be the field in which you have to fetch the value and If you see for HSN/SAC erp guys have used the simpler code…Please guide me. It would be great if I am able to see the answer to question from your point of view .
Willing to learn

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