How to get issues descriptions field (#7) to show up on data entry form

I am trying to get the issues description field #7 to show up on the data entry screen. I go into the forms customization, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to appear on the issues document screen. I am able to get it to show up on the report, but not the data entry screen? (I am using version 5). Then I tried adding a custom field, but I couldn’t get that to show up on the screen either?

I am now able to get the user defined field to show up on the form. Not sure why it started showing up, but maybe there was a delay in updating? But now I keep getting a message “field doctype is not selectable”, and it seems to keep creating a blank filter, which I have to keep removing.

Also, I am trying to figure out how to import issues, but I can’t find an export template for support/issues. Is that on the list of things to do, or am I missing something?

That error message appears to be gone. Not sure what is changing, but its not something that I changed.

Anyways, just wondering if its possible to import issues

You should report if you think its an error. Also check if its not being added beyond the “Fold”