How to get items list on Sales Invoice through REST API?

Hi. I want to retrieve items list from several sales invoice through this REST API:


But I got OperationalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘items’ in ‘field list’”) even though column items is actually in data

I suspect that it is because column items is an array.
How do I get the items list through REST API? Thank you

To get item details you need to call particular invoice.


Right, the image I showed is from retrieving the data of 1 sales invoice. but how to get more than 1 sales invoice? And for certain field list only? (e.g. name, items, and due_date)

You need two requests for this

  1. To get list all Sales Invoices,
  1. From above list, pull details for individual Sales Invoice

I see… So there is no other alternative then. Thanks Saurabh6790