How to get more Karma?

Hi all,

any hint on how to get more karma to be able to modify verified translations? I’ve changed different strings translation but karma doesn’t change :confused:


Ask someone from Frappe team to add you more karma.

K, thanks for the hint, i’ll try

@rmehta @nabinhait can I have more karma to be able to fix verified language translation?



What’s your username on the translate portal?

Sent u a PM, can u please add some Karma for transaltion? Thx

@umair i’ve sent u a PM, could u please add more karma to my username? thx

Please do the same to me!
Hungarian translation Krn Kris

no need add more karma just take time to translate it’s seem is normal way to do


Just check the Hall of fame.
I made some translations, still get only 10 karma :slight_smile:

No problem for me at all, but for the users…
I can’t change the badly translated and already verified words, sentences.

please send me some Karma to allow me fix some miss translated word in Arabic HealthCare module.

Can I have some Karma too for Italian transaction? Some sentences are very funny…

Please help me to get the karma needed, most of the translation is done and verified, so I cannot get it directly. In the case of the es-mx translations, there are some nuances specific to the country/language and many small corrections are needed. Thanks!!

@umair Can you please add some karma to my account (Christof Ruhnke). The german translation needs some adjustments (Example: Round Off Account is not “Abschlusskonto” - it is “Konto für Rundungsdifferenzen”).
I want to contribute :slight_smile: