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I’m facing a lack of karma to translate on After lots of translations I’m still with Karma:0.
How can I grow my karma?

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Same issue !
It would be great to get some,
to be able to verify the
translation and/or able to
translate the already verified translations.

Hi guys,

You get a Karma point each time someone else validates your translations.

Maybe you can contact other translators in your language and work together.

It would help improve the quality of the translations while giving you quickly enough Karma points to edit already verified translations.

Good luck!



It seems that nobody is actively translating to Portuguese and, since 1 month that I’m trying to adopt ERPnext to my company I’m correcting translations, but some translations are wrong but already confirmed, and I cannot get karma if nobody else is actively translating in that language.

Look at this example… Year of Passing (in employee education qualifications) is translated in Portuguese to “year of death”. But I cannot help the community because it is confirmed.

Yes I know I can use custom translation…but what’s the point to do it only for me if I can help all community?

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Hi @almeidapaulopt,

I totally get your point, I faced the same issue.

To get around it, we worked together with another community member and were able to translate almost all sentences in French.

But if you are the only one working on Portuguese that may be an issue.

Try to contact the Frappe Team directly, they might be able to help you: How to get more Karma? - #4 by umair

Anyway, the challenge will still be to find someone to validate your translations, else they won’t go be merged in Master.

Good luck!

I still have this problem. :frowning:

@makarand_b can you update @almeidapaulopt’s karma

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@almeidapaulopt, just updated your profiles karma, Please try now.