How to get onclick event on report cells

from above

this a screen shot of report

is there any way to redirect the user when user click registration.

by the way my report type is script report

and i have tried below in my name_of_report.js file

formatter:function(row, cell, value, columnDef, dataContext, default_formatter) {
		columnDef.df.link_onclick = "myapp.my_app.document_status_report.document_status_report.routeToPage('hello')";
		return value;

when i click on the corresponding cell i don’t get any logs in console

is there any way please

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Hi, are Registration, Home Verification, Help Issue documents of your custom app?
If yes you should change your

def get_column():
    return [
        _("Doctype") + ":Link/Your Doctype Name:120"



Registration, Home Verification, Help Issue are my custom apps doctype

after adding the above i don’t find any new change

Hmm, but on my side when you click it’s redirect my user to the chosen doctype.


now it working

after adding this to my

value = default_formatter(row, cell, value, columnDef, dataContext);

to name_of_report.js