How to get options in supplier portal

pls guide on how to get following option in supplier portal


Hi @prasad_naik
Please go to Portal Settings. Add portal to Custom Menu Items child table.

Thank You

hi sir,

Yes, am able to link those options , but linkage is not happening as you see below

i have added below information in portal settings, its not working

Hi @prasad_naik

Please go to the web form. If there is no supplier or supplier quotation webform, create. Add value to root field value custom menu items child table.

Thank You!

thanks a lot sir,

i have last few questions to conclude this topic

  1. I have created custom field called “Reference Documents” to upload drawings and technical information at the “request for quotations” stage and linked to supplier portal as shown below, but not able to view the attached documents


please guide on how a supplier can view uploaded documents from customer end before submitting any quotations.

  1. How to restrict the permissions in such as way that , Supplier- A can see only his RFQ’s , not the other supplier RFQ’s?

thanks for understanding and helping me out with these challenges

Waiting for your valuable reply sir

@Mohammadali : please suggest

@prasad_naik Do you want to say that? Cannot view the Reference Documents field in the portal.

Yes @Mohammadali .

i have uploaded PDF at the Request for quotation page as you see above screenshot

But supplier is not able to view PDF at the supplier page, it is showing error (above screenshot)

this is the error after clicking on the reference documents

Dear @Mohammadali any insights on this? please