How to get report of rejected Purchase Orders

Hi, currently we are using workflow for purchase order approvals. Now we want to show the rejected PO report.
So, how can we get that report so that we can know how many POs got rejected or submitted or approved by the authorities?


Do you have a workflow state for rejected?
What do you do when PO is rejected? Do you ‘cancel’ it?
Or, do you simply close it?

If you can answer above, I can comment my understanding.
If I were in your place, I would have done this;

  1. Created a workflow state for ‘rejected’ - which can be accessed by team.
  2. When any PO is ‘rejected’, workflow state would be changed
  3. Then, using Purchase Order Reports, I would have put a filter for “Workflow State” equals ‘Rejected’.

There are definitely other ways like having a ‘select’ field in the PO which is updated by team members, but I think workflow is the most elegant solution.

Hi, We have created a workflow for PO authorization or rejection before submission. If the PO got reject, then it will remain in the draft. If we want to cancel it, then we simply choose the cancel option.

Can I have a image of workflow filter state of rejected PO?

Sorry, I didn’t get your question - which image are you talking about?
If you have already done some configurations, maybe you can share and I can comment on it. (but it seems, from your comment above, you have already managed to solve this. Isn’t it?)