How to get Source file of Erpnext production image on virtualbox

I have installed production image ERPNext-Production v12.ova. So after complete installation how should I get the source file in ubuntu interface and I also want to change it like mine. Please help me out.

Hope this will help !!!

Thank You so much sir

Sir can you please send some screenshot to me, because I am totally new to this field.
Actually I am in windows platform and I have installed through virtual box. And if I got the source file of Erpnext then I can change for my company. please help me out.

How can I get source code in windows?

This is for Example. ERPNext folder may have different location.

Firstly, you will need to download Filezilla client from the following link. Once downloaded, you need to enter you VM details such as IP address and login details (root login detail).

After your connection is successful you can change the Remote site directory to the location you want to navigate.

To download any file, simply right click and hit ‘Download’ to save the file to the local drive. You can also change the local site to the directory where you want to save the files.

Thank you very much sir. I appreciated … I am trying sir