How to get Stock Valuation Rate and Stock Value from SLE Table for a particular date?


I am trying to make a custom script report where I could get the stock valuation rate on a particular date along with the stock value. I know that these values are stored in in the stock ledger entry table but pardon my coding skills I am unable to get the stock value and stock valuation for the particular date. I have already copied a lot of code from existing reports but I guess I am unable to find a way to get the following:

  1. Valuation Rate for Item code in a particular warehouse on a particular date
  2. Corresponding to the above rate the total value of the stock.
  3. Lowest Selling Price of an item (this price is the lowest price of the item from posting date - 100 days)
I have enclosed the code I am using here.

Now why I am making this report. This report is being made to check the postings of the valuation rates in the Stock ledger entry table since I have seen that there are some known small issues with valuation of items and I would like to check the same with the help of this report.

I would be highly obliged if someone could please let me know how to get my data in the line 38-39 and 41 of the code mentioned above.



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