How to get Supplier and Barcode Information in the Item List View?


I make it short!

What I want:

see in Item List View the supplier of the related item.

My situation:

The Data of the Supplier is in a field, wich is in the ChildDocType “Item Supplier”, what means, that it´s not possible to select the Option “In List View” in the Customization of the “Item” DocType.

and here the ChildDocType “Item Supplier”

Here you can see the field “supplier” is from Type “Link”.

I want the same effect for other Details. For example the barcode of an item.

Here the same case!

except that here is the field barcode from the Type “Data”.

can you find a uniform solution for both cases?

What I was thinking about or my approach:

Create a field in DocType “Item” .
Activate the function “Hidden” for this field.

Get data from the respective field of the respective ChildDoctype and drag it into the “newly created” field.

My question: how to program this, or what means does ERPNext offer here?

Finally, here you would activate the “In List View” function in the newly created field.

Anyone help?

Best regards

from item list view

  1. click upper left sidebar Reports drop down menu, click report builder
  2. click toolbar menu → pick columns
  3. in the popup window scroll down, tick supplier field, scroll up click submit
  4. click toolbar menu save or save as and input new report name

then you can have a custom report almost the same like the standard list view but with desired field from child table available.

you proposed approach to add one custom field and set show in list view for Item DocType and populate it with values from the relevant child doctype is doable via either javascript or python script. but it is not as easy as above suggested.

Try it yourself.

thx szufisher for the tip!

I tried to reprogram it for a few days. Although not exactly the function that you showed me but a similar, which turned out in the end as not so similar.

Thanks again for the tutorial and solution!