How to get the image file via REST API?

I am currently developing a desktop in Java for our company. I’m trying to display employee details whenever an employee is clicked in the application. I can display everything (name, id, etc) except for the image which only returns a directory whenever I use a GET request. Example: {“name”: “Name N. Name”, “image”: “files/image.jpg”}. I’m trying to get the image itself to display the image on the application. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

There doesn’t seem to be one.
I have written java rest interfaces for erpnext and come up against the same constraint. I ended up having to access the erpnext files folder directly and accessing the named file that way.
There may be a REST way but I could not find it digging through the api.

how could you access the erpnext files folder, can you give me full guide for this
Thanks in Advanced

i tried that “ URL” and it`s working fine