How to get the object from Dynamic Link Doctype?


I am stuck in the getting the object of Dynamic Link.

I have one record in dynamic link table. Its relation of customer and its address.


Now, I want to get the object of this doctype.
So, I just write following code to get the object:

test = frappe.get_doc({
“doctype”:“Dynamic Link”,
“link_name”: shipper,

  • in shipper, I receive the chandresh 007 value.

with the help of this code, I am getting the object of my dynamic link doctype.


frappe.core.doctype.dynamic_link.dynamic_link.DynamicLink object at 0x7f0318eea310

Now, if i am access the other fields of dynamic link like test.parent, then it give me None value insted of “My Address - Billing”.

So, Can you guide me to solve this problem?

Thank You.

What is the output of test?

get_doc syntax as follows,

frappe.get_doc("DocType", "docname")

customer_doc = frappe.get_doc("Customer", "CUST-00001")

I am getting the object of dynamic link in to the test variable.

As your SQL query says link_name is chandresh 007 you used link_name as shipper in get_doc recheck it and try again.

If there is no document present with link_name = shipper still get_doc gives object of the given type and name.

In shipper, I got the value as chandresh 007 which is the name of my customer.

check the result of test.as_dict() it shows you details of fetched object.

you can also use

frappe.db.get_values("DocType", "docname"/filters, [list of fields])

The output of test.as_dict() is:

{u’link_title’: None, u’link_doctype’: None, u’modified_by’: None, u’name’: None, u’parent’: None, u’creation’: None, u’modified’: None, u’doctype’: ‘Dynamic Link’, u’idx’: 0, u’parenttype’: ‘Address’, u’link_name’: u’chandresh 007’, u’owner’: None, u’docstatus’: 0, u’parentfield’: None}

There is no document present with given data.
Here get_doc gives you new object using provided data.

So, Tell me that how can i get the object of dynamic link with link_name. Because i have only the value of customer, which is related to the dynamic link with address.

If you have name of document then you can use,

frappe.get_doc("Doctype", "docname")

otherwise, you can use - get_values (),

frappe.db.get_values("Dynamic Link", {
	"link_name": shipper,
}, "*", as_dict=True)

Ok Thank you so much.