How to get total amount spent on a Sales Order

Here is my use case:

  1. A Sales Order is created
  2. We create Purchase Orders (from Sales Order) & Purchase Invoice

If the total amount we spent on the Purchase of the items requested in the sales order was $10.00

How/Where can I pull it from?


@Manan_Shah, @Maheshwari_Bhavesh Can you assist?

Sorry your use case is not clear.
If the SO was for Item 1, 2 qty x 10$ each = 20$ (SO total)
You create a PO for the same item, Item 1, 2 qty x 5$ each = 10$ (PO total)
Where do you want the PO total to be fetched and when. You will need to write a custom script on validate accordingly

In a report or populate a custom field on the sales order doctype (say fullfillment_cost) on clicking a button/action. My question is mainly on how to get the cost of fulfilling the order, from the billed Purchase Orders

You will have to do some scripting to fetch fulfillment_cost from the PO.
You can either fetch it on click of a button or on validate event

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