How to get value from another Document ll


thanks again for the first solution!

I still have the same frappe problem with Customer Reference Code in Item Database.
We would like to show this Customer specific Reference Code in the Delivery Note Print Format.
I tried to adopt your solution (frappe.db.get_value(“Item”, “row.item_code”, “item_name_2”) ) for the Customer Reference Code: ref_code, but I could not figure out which row. or doc. is required in this case. What do I have to do?

Please let me know if you need to see more than that snippet.

Thank you

@miri15 “Customer’s Item Code” field is already there in Sales Order/Invoice and Delivery Note item table. You just have to unhide them from Customize Form.

And in print format, you can directly use row.customer_item_code to print that.

thank you very much for all your help