How to give a permissions in stock summary

Hi everyone how can i permit my user to view the stock summary or stock reports???
I am a little confuse how to give them a permission in role permission .
Please help me what doctype should i choose to make it visible on a user…

Thank You!

@cpsolution could you share screenshot of that user?

i made a new user which is branch manager. you want to see the permissions that i give to user…

Pls screenshot again like this
Explore —> Setup —> User —> Choose User who had created. And check carefully in Role.

Permission for User

Thank you.

i told you i made a new user…

To permit my user to view the stock summary or stock reports have to check

  1. Stock Manager
  2. Report Manager
  3. Stock User

Let you try these above.

Thank you.

To put it very simply :

Every report has a Reference DocType. If the user has Report checked to Yes in permissions he may view the report, subject to User Permissions if there are any


According to the above image, any user having the role Stock Manager will be able to view all reports on Stock Entry unless changed directly from the Report’s doctype record.

By default, on Perm Level 0, all read, write, create, delete and report permissions are granted unless administrator decides otherwise.


Thank you

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