How to give abiltity to select option in survey form

I have created “create survey”
doctype .I have added question there with options . But now I want to fill this survey so again I have created “Fill Survey” Doctype where I Fetched the question ans options from “Create survey” doctype, but i cant provide facility to select one option .How can achieve that?

“create Survey” Doctype.

fill survey doctype …where i fetch all question and options from "create survey "doctype. but not able to select one option

I’m not sure why you have all the options as fields in the child table. Maybe because the options are unique to each question?

Why not try to map the options with the create survey doctype questions (in a separate field in the child table) (preferably command separated so you can split it easily)

Then using a link field in the fill survey doctype where it has every option available, but you use a query filters such that based on the question, it only allows the options listed against that question in the create survey doctype.