How to give all permissions to system manager?

Is there a method to add all permissions to the System manager role?

I have installed ERPNEXT, but there are lot of things I get errors " Insufficient Permissions"

Are you logged in as Administrator? if so there won’t be any issue as ‘insufficient permissions’. you can create another user for non admin use and give sufficient permissions to that new user from admin control panel.

I believe I am logged in a Administrator, the username and password I got from installing AWS instance of Bitnami ERPNEXT. I receive lot of “insufficient Permissions” errors. But I see somewhere shows “System User” as user type, and couldnt find anywhere to change that.


check this link for bitnami documentation.
I think system user won’t have all permissions. you need to use ‘administrator’ username and password…

Where do I get the Administrator user name and password?
The link you gave only shows how to change email.

I sed the and password generated when installing on AWS.


Dear, your need to access the application in aws using SSH / SFTP / SCP for administration purpose. please refer these pages for all details.

hope this helps…

I did all those instructions: USr: Bitnami for SSH connection, then User: for application login.
Cant use Bitnami for application login.
I would like to know, how to get administrator user name and password for the ERPNEXT instance, that will not have errors of insufficient permission.

There is no user: root, or : bitnami in the application login.
There is only, which does not have administrator privileges.

I can login using SSH to root and change password, but it doesn’t work on the Application ERPNEXT.

Why don’t you allot him/her all the roles ? That would solve the problem.

To the role profile which was alloted to that user, grant all the roles.

I am using id: with password provided during the installation.
All roles have been granted to this user ( they are checked with a tick)
But, some cant access some items it says insufficient permission.

I did try to install instances from other images, and seems there is a difference in which items return the error “insufficient permission”, some on Domain, some instances on Balance sheet, P&L statements, etc.

May be possible to assign permissions, but what I am asking is, is there a way to have all permission for the administrator/system manager without assigning one by one?

I am also having the same issue , when i am trying to edit Leaderboard page it says only administrator can edit.