How to give suggestion to forum?

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to know that, is there any suggestion box where anyone can give their suggestion regarding the features and if frappe team thinks that it will be useful then they can ask the concern to raise a github issue.
Because putting everything on github is not a good idea.

Also, putting suggestion in a different category will be a good idea, in that way, we can understand the who has more practical knowledge or who has more ideas about features of particular app.

Ruchin Sharma

I think its a good idea. This way everyone can see if the suggestion has been made before, +1 it or sponsor it if required.

I have a small suggestion that has to do with the layout of listed items that will help people read them better.

Inside each user the list direction under “Roles” and “Allow Modules” goes from left to right but jumping to the next column. This leaves a big gap between columns and thus it is hard for people to read the alphabetical and logical order. Instead the direction should be top to down for each column and when the column ends jump to the first row of the next column to the right. It should be like this:

  1. Academics User
  2. Accounts Manager
  3. Accounts User

I couldn’t find where to submit this suggestion so if someone can tell me where I can do it again.