How to handle customer queries

Hi there!
I’m trying to figure out how to handle customer queries in ERPNext. Can anybody give me an idea?

Let me explain:

Sometimes a customer comes into our shop and asks if we can get something, which we don’t have in our stock or even been aware of the existence of that item. But we still try to get it for the customer which often needs some investigation and therefor time.
So I am looking for a way to register that customers query in ERPNext. It’d be similar to a sales order but we don’t have the item registered yet, so no item code and item price… Sometimes we even don’t know the exact name, just a description of the item. And of course the order should only be on approval.

Any ideas how we can track such a scenario in ERPNext?

@frehu01 - Perhaps use the CRM opportunity document.

Hey @Eli, thanks for your answer. It seems like the most reasonable idea. I will try it.