How to handle equipment rentals?

Suppose your business rents equipment to clients on a long-term basis (computers, sound equipment, etc.)

What’s a way that these can be tracked keep track of which client has each piece of equipment?

I’ve tackled this currently by adding rental-items but I don’t have a solution to track them yet. So I have the same question here.

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I want to send you some ideas to work around it.
If you use a rental item without stock for invoicing the rental service then you must be using serial number to track the real rented item.
So you can do a Delivery Note to the Customer for the serialized stock item every time it is delivered and a Return every time is needed.
With this you can see the report of Delivery Notes to be Invoices (check the report name I’m using my memory) and list or search for all that you need.
You can add on the Delivery Note doctype a customer date field like “Return Day” with the Editable after Submit propriety in case the rental period change where you must fill the end date.
With this model the real item will be out of your inventory reports.

Other idea for your case maybe a little bite complex because involve account, can be keeping the service item to invoice the rental but treat the real items as a kind of fixed assets.
In this scenario you will not see it on stock reports.
As you can name every asset with a string as name of product including serial number it will be easy to track using Assets reports. The Asset has a field “Location” that can be uses to move it or just create two customs field editable after submit one date type for the end of the rental period and other link type to the customer doctype to select it.

I guess in the two cases is posible a make a work flow or script to automatically complete some steps.
I hope it helps.

Thank you Malvin very much for your insights.

When adding a rental item, over here we track them by the original asset name which is an equipment number. So it would be possible to work out a way of ‘booking them out’ using a delivery note to a client, and then back in when they are returned. I have to dig in deeper on how to do that in ERPNext, but I will look into your suggestions as they seem to do ‘the trick’.

Hi Pedro.
Delivery Note is only posible about regular items, so it can’t be used with fixed asset. But as you use fixed asset to rent your case it’s the second option.
Now you can:
a) use the field Location in the asset doctype and made Locations related to a client or your store. Every time your asset are moved it needs to be updated (you have Asset Movement tool too).
You can customize an Asset report to show the assets locations.
b) If you know how to do it, you can add a custom fields in the Asset doctype to link with a Customer, an Address, or an end period of rent.

With the knowledge of other Erpnext tools you can write a script to automatically do something or use Work Flows or Customize Doctype to show Assets linked to a Customer.
Even you can use Asset Maintenance tool and program to track the end period date if you want.

Just many ideas.

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