How to handle many Item Prices

Hi again,

I have 20 services (Items). Each service has 10 different prices and these prices are calculated with some financial formulas like “Present Value”, outside ERPNext.

I can’t handle different prices using “Price List”, because one client, at the same Quotation or Sales Order may need prices on different “Price Lists” and ERPNext by default requires to set one only “Price List”.

Was thinking that the easiest way could be to add some custom fields and calculate the Price Rate using “Present Value” code. But since I’m using Frappe Cloud, can’t override the actual script, to overwrite (set) the price (‘doc.rate’)… or is it possible?

Or maybe I could create a new doctype just like Quotation, but I don’t know how to link between Customer and Sales Order, to have the same functionality… is it possible using Frappe Cloud?

What I’m trying to avoid is to submit 200 items, to have 200 different prices… for what really are 20 services.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated!

Hi @Francisco_Buendia, though by default you can set one price list but at the time of Quotation or Sales Order you have option to select different price list. Please go to CURRENCY AND PRICE LIST section in Quotation or Sales Order and change the price list.

Right, by default can be set a Price List. And right, however you can change the price list at Quotation or Sales Order… but still one only Price List.

This is the scenario:

Our client could request a Quotation or Sales Order, for two different items, with prices at different price lists.

Since I can’t select Price List per row.item (at Item child table), I was wondering:

  • If there’s anyway to overwrite the script to modify the price (rate at Item child table)

  • Or if it’s possible to create a document like Quotation, linked between Customer and Sales Order.

  • Or if anybody have a different idea to handle this :grin:

@Francisco_Buendia, once the price list is changed it applies to all the items instead of selected items. It seems enhancement in code.