How to handle net and gross quantity in sales invoices in ERPNext?

In ERPNext, I’m trying to sell an item in Kg, for example, 10 Kg. I want to charge the customer for 8 Kg net weight while reducing the stock by 10 Kg. How can I achieve?

Hello, the way you can handle this is by creating an invoice and separating the chargeable quantities (8 kilograms) from the free quantities (2 kilograms). For the free quantities, apply a 100% discount or simply set the price to zero. If the system allows you to modify the product price, this will enable you to track that these were given for free.

An alternative correct approach might also involve creating a price rule, which is useful for properly managing promotions and discounts. For detailed guidance, refer to the official documentation: Setting up “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” Pricing Rule