How to handle one item having multiple suppliers and each supplier offering different warranty?

Hi All,

I need suggestion in handling the below described challenge…

We have two suppliers for an item ‘50 W Solar Panel’.

Supplier1 offers 5 year warranty and supplier2 offers 6 years.

We always offer 5 year warranty to our customers irrespective of warranty we got from the supplier.

Only the purchase team is aware of warranty differences and everyone else treats at as an item with 5 year warranty.

We want to track the warranty offered by the supplier.( its useful when we receive a complaint from our customer and we forward the panel to the concerned supplier and repair charges depend on the warranty).

In the item doctype we have one warranty field but how do i handle this specific requirement of same item having different supplier specific warranty?

(I cannot create item variants because for sales team there is no difference and they treat it as exactly one item and also i cannot create two different items because as sales team will have to choose one item while booking sales order,material request etc)


Is this the same product, or just a different warranty.

Also do you track batch number / serial nos on this?

@rmehta I didnt understand your question…

Its same product and we have two supplier for that and each supplier offers different warranty.

We intend to track using batch number…