How to handle perishable total wastage amount and quantity

We use ERPNext for a farmers coop, to buy and sell vegetables. Once we buy them we get them into the Stores WH. But after 2-3 days whatever is unsold perishes. So how do i use WH and AH such that i track below :

  1. How many KG’s of Tomatoes perished , how many chilly perished, etc.
  2. Also, know the total cost of these perishables.

This will help me to see which vegetables are being over bought, so that we can buy less. And at the end of a month/year what is the total loss due to these perished vegetables.

I think i should be using a PerishedGoods WH to track 1, and a LossDueToPerishables Account Head for 2.
But i am not able to figure out what kind of transactions of Stock entry, and Account heads do i execute.

Pls help.

No need to create separate warehouse here. You can create separate Expense Account for each type of perishable item.

To stock-out perished item, you should create Stock Entry of type Material Issue. Select required Expense Account for an Item.

Thanks @umair

I think since there are quite a few perishables (not just vegetables) we can have AH for item groups instead of items. The account head part of the question is good.

For the stock part. We use Material issue for Compliments/Gifts, whose difference account head will be Gifts-AH. To filter these gifts stock entries out. I guess i need to create a stock entry report, to filter on Material Issue, + Account Head (PerishableVeggiesAH) . Something like below to know, how much of wastage was there for a item, in a particular week/month.

Would it be of any use if i create a perishable WH. First do a stock transfer to this perishable WH, and then do a Material issue to stock out from this perishable WH. May be then i can use stock ledger itself , instead of my new report above.