How to handle Rework Material


We do a lot of SubContracting daily.
Let’s say a lot of 100 Qty. of
Material A has been Subcontracted from Vendor X.
We make a
Purchase Order for the Material A and
then Send to Subcontracter the Raw Material Material A0001.
Now when the Purchase Receipt is made, we get total 100 Qty. back
which includes OK and NOT OK material.
For Eg. 96 OK and 4 NOT OK.
Now this NOT OK material isn’t scrap, it can be reworked on and accepted.
So in the Purchase Receipt if I consider this material as Rejected the entries aren’t correct and the NOT OK material stays with the Job Worker and only the OK material goes in Stores Warehouse.
So currently we have to accept all the material and then pass a material transfer entry to Not Good Warehouse where all the rework material stays.

Is there a any other way to handle this? I wanted to include the Quality inspection for this incoming material where Quality people will enter the inspection readings before submission of Purchase Receipt.
What would be the best way to do this where I can Handle both Rework and Rejection material and Get correct reports for % reject and % rework.