How to handle with configs in dev

Hi, i’m new in frappe and I’m having some doubts between development environment and the others enviroments.
I’ll give an example to make easy to understand.

This week our customer requested a custom report based on a existing report from erpnext, so we created a new report as “Script Report” in ( Setup → Rerport ) and also created the files at the right path.

Everything worked fine, we commited in our local repository the new files, but what about the new Report register that we created ? i mean in this case… it’s just a simple thing ok… but if we had changed some more registers or added a few more things? How can we handle with this changes when we’ll need to update the other enviroments ?

I thought about a sql file with the new lines or update lines, is that possible ?

This way our entire team could have the development enviroment updated and the others enviroments wouldn’t be expensive to update.

I don’t know if i could explain.

@cezararndt If you have committed the changes then push it to github and ask your team-mates to pull and run bench migrate. The changes must reflect. Hope this solves your issue.

Are you referring to the list of reports you see in ERPNext? Or is it a list of reports that you maintain separately in a file/database? Can you explain this a bit more in detail?

Hi, Thank you @gvrvnk and @neilLasrado for the answers, probably the example wasn’t good,

i was referring about script migrations, what @neilLasrado said about bench migrations, it works when i change a doctype, i tested and forgot to post here sry.

The example that i gave it’s about a separately report file.
We don’t have access to production and in this case for the report works we need to create a new register in report form, i was referring this last step.

In this case was simple we just create a .sql file with a ‘insert’ command in table ‘tabReport’.

But as i said in this case was simple, but sometimes we need to change/insert more than one tab, today e haven’t get something so complex, so we are explaining how to do by e-mails or sometimes by phone