How to have a submit button to submit a webform entry

Hello we have our website up and running using ERPNext. I want to add a feedback page. So i created a Feedback DocType. Which i will show in the website using webform called feedback.

When users fill the feedback form, i want them to click on a submit button, and the entry should be created.

Can this be done through front end customisation. Pls let me know how to do it.

Hi! Did you find the solution to your query? I have the same query.

We only have a save button. No submit.
We created a docType for feedback and are showing it in the page. Once users fills the info and saves it, the feedback is saved.

Ok. Thank you.

I need to allow users to save and then submit multiple documents. Maybe Webforms are not supposed to allow that.

Yes they are mean to be take information only from public view