How to have only specific doctypes in Data Export's Select Doctype field?

Hi Everyone,

I have created a custom role, and I want to allow that role to export data of doctypes, that are allowed to the role.

I have permitted some doctypes to the role using the role permission manager and the Data Export doctype.

But when I go to export doctype for exporting data, the Select Doctype field shows all the doctypes in the system.

Is there any way, I could show only allowed doctypes in the Select Doctype field for a role?

Any help?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi @abubakar,

You can Export particular field-wise and also filter-wise.
Please check it in Export DocType.

Thank You!

@NCP no no, my problem is

all the doctypes are coming in the Select Doctype field.

I want to have only doctypes In the Select Doctype field, that are allowed for the Role of the logged-in user.

How I could have it? I have already assigned only a few doctypes for the logged-in user using role permissions manager.

I don’t think it is possible.

but as per my understanding, I think you said that you defined a custom role permission for users in the doctype.

I have defined custom role permissions for the logged-in user, to allow only a few doctypes to the logged-in user.

But in the Select Doctype field ERPNext is showing all the Doctypes.