How to hide an item in ERPNext

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I have created many items in our ERPNext but now I am not using some of the items which i have created, so now i want to delete those items, but they are related to other PO’s/ receipts/stock entries, if i delete those items it will effect. So is there any feature available to hide those items or how to make those items inactive, it should not be visible for all users, please help me.

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I think, item cannot be hide because respective item link with Purchase Receipt , Purchase Order etc.

Geetanjali Shitole
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You can set expiry date to disable an item.


Field name to set expiry date of an item is “End of Life”. Check Inventory section in the item master for this field.

How do we do it now with the new version? Can’t find “end of life” anywhere in the item master…

In Frappe v5 -
On Item master , ‘End of Life’ field is available in ‘Name and Description’ section.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I dont see that in any existing items that are either products or services but only in items that are consumable! So going by this understanding end of life means shelf life. But what about upgrading to new products or services and discontinuing old products or services?

can i hide the specific items in the specific roles?

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may i know the objective please?

Sure. If role assigned to User doesn’t have even read permission on the Item master, then items will be hidden from that user.

this is my item price. can i hide all standard selling in the specific role?

You could manage it with Role Permission Manager, and restrict specific Role from accessing Item Price records are Price List is Standard Selling.

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ill try the video tutorial, but it dosn’t work. can you give me an example how can i hide it?

my erpnext version is 17.2.18