How to hide columns in script report pdf print

How to hide columns in script report pdf print

I believe you can just create your own custom script report, instead of relying the default script report. Render the needed columns with Jinja templates.

I created a script report,there are 10 column in report,i want to show only 5 column in pdf it possible

Can you show to us your codes so far?

Same as stock balance report

By chance, can you provide any screenshots or your progress?

For example :-

simply open stock balance report,there are 20 columns in report,when i take pdf print it shows 20 column in pdf print.i want to show only 10 columns in pdf it possible

Try to read this documentation. Maybe, it can help.

Hello @renjukumar!

If you want to keep the 10 column layout in the report BUT show only 5 columns in the pdf print, you’ll need to edit the html file that’s in this report’s folder. And in order to do this one, you’ll need a bit of knowledge in Jinja. :slight_smile:

Could you show me an example report html file

Usually, if your reports come with an HTML file, it is being used by Frappe as the report output.

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