How to hide Customers for Sales Person if not in Customer's Sales Team

I need to make a Sales Person cannot see Customers unless he is including in that customer’s sales team.
I did make a role for each Sales Person on doctype Sales Person.
But all customers are shown to all Sales Persons, only the Sales Person who is included in customer’s Sales Team can access this Customer.
So how to hide Customers if not connected to Sales Person?
Also Why Sales Person can’t access a Customer if another Sales Person is in the Sales Team of that Customer?

Use User Permission doctype to restrict access like below

thank you @mohitchechani ,
I did exactly as you did but:
1- all customers are still visible to that User(Sales Person) even if another Sales Person is set to a Customer, this Customer is still visible in Customers list but not accessable.
2-if more than Sales Person is at a Customer’s Sales Team. then, None of these Sales Person can access this Customer.