How to hide Customize button from Workspace


I want to hide the Customize button(at the right side) and also Toggle Side Bar from Menu in Workspace page. Is there a way to do this?

Did you got the solution? Then please share.

Good idea. This might be useful for certain user roles.

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Hi @Ishwarya , @Minerva and @bluesky,

Need to create build.json as well. So let me write here how it worked:

app_include_css = [

custom.css in bench/apps/custom_app/custom_app/public/css

// remove create Workspace button
.custom-actions {
    display: none;

build.json in bench/apps/custom_app/custom_app/public

    "css/custom.min.css": [



Could something like this be added to user roles? I don’t want certain users/roles to be able to customize their workspace.

Just, Go to the intended “Workspace Document” : >> and check option of “Disable User Customization” .

Unable to mark the check box. it shows Experimental. Any idea about this???

i have same problem