How to hide help button in nav bar?

I want to hide the HELP BUTTON in the navigation bar,
I know it is possible but i am stuck in it since a long time but didn’t find any solution,
& even didn’t find any post regarding this,


You must find the code to hide Help?

That is you know how to hide other buttons, but not in the case of Help?

You wish to hide based on user role permissions or remove entirely?

I think ‘bench setup-help’ and ‘bench update’ both link to help at build time.

i want to remove it entirely,
I’ve wasted about 2,3 days on this but didn’t find it the code to hide it.
second part: what will bench setup-help do?

Apparently involves this ‘Setup help table in the current site’

So presumably an sql table?

I tried that command, there is no result.

[root@localhost frappe-bench]# bench setup-help
Syncing help database…
[root@localhost frappe-bench]#

/home/your user/ErpNext/apps/frappe/frappe/public/js/frappe/ui/toolbar/navbar.html
in this HTML page you can show and hide what you want

@MiM Thanks alot, i’ll try and give u feedback.

I’ve commented all the Help Button code but still it is appearing, is there something am i missing?
After that i also tried bench clear-cache

<!--<li class="dropdown dropdown-help dropdown-mobile">
				<a class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#"
					onclick="return false;"  style="height: 40px;">
					<span class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" style="line-height: 24px;">{{ __("Help") }} <b class="caret"></b></span>
					<span class="visible-xs visible-sm standard-image"
						style="padding: 50% 7px; font-size: 17px; background-color: #fafbfc; font-weight: 100;">?</span>
				<ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu">
					<div class="input-group" style="border-bottom: 1px solid #d1d8dd;">
						<input id="input-help" type="text" placeholder="{{ __("What do you need help with?") }}" autofocus>
						<span class="input-group-btn"><button class="btn btn-default">{{ __("Go") }}</button></span>
					<li id="help-links"></li>
					<li class="divider"></li>
						<a data-link-type="documentation"
							data-path="/documentation/index" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">{{ __("Documentation") }}</a>
					<li class="divider documentation-links"></li>
					<li><a href="#" onclick="return frappe.ui.toolbar.show_about();">
						{%= __("About") %}</a></li>

i comment the block code and it disappear as in print screens
please try to press Ctrl+shift+R to clear cache

Yes i’ve tried Ctrl+shirt +r, even ctrl + f5, bench clear-cache
But no luck :frowning:

try to cut this block of code out of the file
and try again

@MiM it is not working i’ve removed the code, i tired it on local server as well as cloud server, but nothing happening, :frowning:

@MiM many thanks for your help boy,
I hide it using CSS.

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