How to Hide Id in dropdow

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Hii , I want to hide this id (33 , 34 , 35) in dropdown.

Is this a link field? Modify the “Title” and “Search” sections of your custom location doctype that is linked here.

yes it is linked field.

what i have to change in current location doctype view setting to hide id in dropdown.

@Yamen_Zakhour please explain in details …

@NCP Hey Nihantra this is a issue which is widely faced as showing the database Id in the frontend pose a risk if you could help a bit

Just ‘deslect’ this in your linked doctype → view settings.

I believe you can’t hide the ID without overriding the link query.

Or, if the locations are unique, set the naming series as the location name field and it should work as required. (Don’t forget to uncheck the show title in link field in view settings of the doctype.)

Thankyou for reply

Location is unique but i will set it as name then i face another issue to show other option in last

if do location as name i can’t set other in last

Thankyou for reply.
if i hide that then face this issue

show only id in dropdown

I think only by overriding the link query (using set_query method on the link field and returning a list of items in the order you want) you can achieve your requirement.

Read the above for more info on how to do it.

P.S. For a quick fix, you could try any special characters with the “Others” name and see if it comes to the top of the bottom of the link.

In the ‘title field’ you can provide the ‘field name’ which you want to show in the drop-down.
Please refer to the same screenshot which I had provided in the previous screenshot.

If you provide ‘location-name’ as title, then the location-name value will be displayed in the referred drop-down list instead of the id.