How to hide item code from purchase user?

Is there any way to hide docField like item code from certain roles like purchase user? I tried permission level method but doesn’t work… I shall be very thankful If anyone suggest me right way… Thanks

Yes using the permlevel feature you can hide the particular field for particular role. For more details please check the below link

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@rohit_w Thanks to reply. I read this but I actually want to hide item code from purchase user and I change the permission level of item_code 0 to 1 and add a rule also but item code still visible to that role… What may problem is this?

It seems that for purchase user role has the read permission of permelevel 1 field, if yes then remove it and check. Can you share the screenshots of the role permissions?

Hi, @rohit_w. I removed it already for ur info I am sharing screenshots…

@rohit_w Any Guideline from you?


Name(item code) is displaying in the list view because this is a primary key, currently it’s not possible to remove name(item code) from the list view

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Thanks @rohit_w