How to hide last column of listview


i have custom doctype below is listview of

how to remove column in red square

did you un-check ‘in list view’ property of this field?

Alternatively, you could increase the width size of other in list view columns (total allowed is 11, so if your name column width expands, this won’t appear in view.

@FinForce how to change the width of columns

Hello @shahid_ecit,

ERPNext provide property of field “width”.You can set width by editing doc type. See below snapshot.



i have added 1000 to width column but i did’t find any change in list view

Hey @shahid_ecit, you need to put the size of the column in the ‘Column’ Section. As I said the sum of all column values is maximum 11, it will restrict anything beyond 11 in the view.

See here I change to make it visible or hide it -This is obtained by clicking at any field name and scrolling to the bottom of that window.



i can see only width filed no column field what to do

is there any programmatic approach to this.

I’m not sure why it should show it this way. Maybe someone more experienced in frappe framework would be able to help.

did you go thru this DocType and putting your DocType name to make changes?


@FinForce yes i did

my current version of frappe is 10.1.35(beta)

We did this through CSS, try adding a custom CSS file and use this approach to override it:

div.list-item__content.list-item__content–id > a.text-muted {


Team, Me also same issue . Do you have any solution.

I’m using v13.3 and still see this problem.
I don’t see this problem on the documentation screenshots.
Not sure when this bug started.

You can add this in your _list.js :
frappe.listview_settings[‘’] = {
hide_name_column: true }


where do you add this?

Pls refer to the solution provided by @NCP

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