How to hide menu/module options for users? (auto-hiding when no access is not working)


I have read that if a user does not access to anything within module, then the module should be hidden from menu. Is this true?

In our case, we would like to slowly role out ERPNEXT as a test for AP/purchasing process only. We do not want CEO to be overwhelemed with all of options/menu items in ERPNEXT.

I have created a new group, NEWUSERGROUP without any permissions assigned to it.

New (LDAP) user gets assigned to this group NEWUSERGROUP.

When new LDAP user logs in, they see every menu item module in desk even though they are empty within (3 empty boxes that look like bootstrap.js wells) – they have no access to anything. I would expect them to see nothing when log in.

ZERO PERMISSION USER sees 3 empty wells in:

  • Accounting
  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Stock
  • Assets
  • Projects
  • Customization
  • Marketplace

Also when new LDAP user (with zero access) logs in, they have many options in:

  • Getting Started > Data & Import “Letter Head”

  • CRM > Sales Pipeline “communication” + “appointment”

  • Support > Service Level Agreement “Service Level” “Service Level Agreement”

  • Human Resources > Recruitment “Job Opening”

  • Human Resources > Perofrmance “Energy Point Log”

  • Quality > Goal & Procedure “Quality Goal” “Quality Procedure” “Tree of Procedures”

  • Quality > Review and Action “Quality Review” “Quality Action”

  • Quality > Meeting “Quality Meeting”

  • Quality > Feedback “Quaality Feedback”

  • Manufacturing > Help “Work Order”

  • Website > Knowledge Base “Help Article”

  • Social

  • Leaderboard

  • Integrations > Backup “Google Drive”

  • Integrations > Google Services “Settings” “Contacts” “Calendar” “Drive”

  • Learn > Settings “Workflow”

  • Learn > Selling “Product Bundle”

  • Learn > Stock “Quality Inspection”

  • Learn > Manufacturing "Work Order

Is there some way to truly achieve NO ACCESS = NO VIEW here?

Thanks for any help.