How to hide Name and Status from a Custom Doctype

Hi, I want to hide Name and Status from list view of my custom doctype. How can I achieve this?

Go to Doctype list โ†’ Open the custom doctype โ†’ Go to the field โ†’ Uncheck In List view

Hey, Thanks for the reply. But Name is a auto-generated field and you cannot see it in the docfields list.

I was able to hide name field using Title field but I still need help to hide the status from the list view.

Hello @Darpan_Agarwal,

Even I want to hide the status from the list view of Custom Doctype. Did you find a solution?

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@Sujay Sujay, @Darpan_Agarwal , any solution about hide status column?

You can change the label or assignment of status by creating a js file with name your-doctype-name_list.js and put it inside the doctype directory.
The code:

frappe.listview_settings['Your Doctype Name'] = {
        if (doc.status === "Status A") {
            return [__("Status A"), "green"];
            # add more status here withthe same structure as above.
        hide_name_column: true

So maybe (never tried this myself) if you create an empty js list file it will not display the status.

The last line hide_name_column: true is to hide the naming column (the last column).


how ? man pls help