How to hide records according to field type select

in note doctype i added a new field called note type
this field type is select and the options is
public notes
for managers
for empolyees

i don’t want employees to see notes which i select for managers

There are already some property related to that. If you check “Public”, it will be available to all. Otherwise, you can select specific users in Users table to give access to them.

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as you said public for all users iwant roles
i have about 150 user in the system i can’t every day choose from them how able to see
i did some thing else in the field note type i added a permission level 1
and then in managers roles i added this permision
then in the note type field in options i added in first line for empolyees
so every employee can’t see any notes in for managers
it works
but i think there is some thing better practice for this