How to hide the serial no in child table?

Hiiii Guys,
I don’t want the serial no filed in the child table . Instead of serial no i will use my custom field…

use Customize Form for the child table

Thanks fa ur reply,
Its fa adding the fileds right?
But i dont need serial no. Is there any possible to hide r delete that serial no.

You can hide the serial in child table by using Customize Form. More detail in the link he mentioned.

I just uploaded my screenshot.In that screen shot i dont need that 1,2,3 sequence number. Is there any possible to hide that serial number.Then tell me how?

End of these three rows, there’s triangle point to down-side. Click on it, the row will be expended then you will see checkbox with text “Hidden” at bottom section.

that hidden is for hidding that single row right?
But i need to hide that whole serial number column…

That hidden is for hiding column. let’s say child table have three column [Parameter, Reading Type, ABC]
and I checked hidden in ABC. So the child table display only two column [Parameter, Reading Type] cuz ABC was hidden based on property I change in Customize Form.

Sir I need to hide that serial number oly…let’s say child table have three column [1.Parameter,2. Reading Type, 3.ABC] What i need means i need to hide that 1,2,3 numbers remaining things are as it is… [Parameter, Reading Type, ABC]

only hide the number 1,2,3? checkbox still the same?

Use below js in your custom script in specific doctype

var css = document.createElement(‘style’);
css.type = ‘text/css’;

var styles = ‘.row-index {display:none;}’;

if (css.styleSheet) css.styleSheet.cssText = styles;
else css.appendChild(document.createTextNode(styles));


If you need only hide number:

var styles = ‘.row-index > span{display:none;}’;


Thanks for ur solution…I got exactly wat i need…TQ once again:v:

You’re welcome

Is their any possible to reduce the column size?