How to hide the Update option in list view

Dear All,

I am trying to restrict the write option (Update) based on the Status in Grid view generally. i am trying this in HD Ticket doctype. can anyone suggest, how to achive this.

You want, when the status is Resolved then the subject field will read only. am I right?


yes, your understanding is right. Please assist me


Will this do the job for you ?

Goto customize form “HD Ticket”
Goto “Subject”
In the “Read Only depends on” block , put the following…
eval: doc.status == “Resolved”;

Thank you

Hi willspenc,

Thanks. but does’t work

Thank you

how i can change the color of these row like odd even

Depend on the condition set in your field.

Check the post.

Thank You!


Perhaps I am not understanding the requirement ? From the second post in the thread,
it seemed that you require the Subject field in the doctype to be made RO when the status
is set to “Resolved”.

In other words, when you open an HD Ticket, the Subject field must not be editable, but the
other fields can still be edited ? Because that is what the “Read Only depends on” will do.

Perhaps you could just confirm that my understanding of your requirement is correct ?
Thank you

Dear willspenc,

My requirement is when the ticket is in resolved. there should not be further more action to that record. No edit option to be provide in the List view.
Thank you