How to implement Auto Purchase order request

Hi All,
I am working in VM. In the Item master i have set the Reorder level and reorder quantity and in stock setting i have given Raise Material Request when stock reaches re-order level. But when quantity reaches reorder level the request is not working. I have to do any thing else for the auto p.o request

Check a scheduler is enabled or not in System Settings.

If a scheduler is not enabled please enable it, else check a scheduler log, for any exception related to Material Request of type Purchase.

Hi @saurabh6790 Thanks for your reply,
My scheduler is enabled in system setting, but also i didn’t get any notification for material request for purchase.

also my Scheduler Log list is empty

Thank you @saurabh6790 The material Request has been created after i run the following codes…
bench enable-scheduler
bench --site [sitename] enable-scheduler

Also i need the clarification that when it will create a request. how much hours from the time of product qty reaches the reorder level.

The reorder level is checked once daily at midnight.

thanks @nabinhait then at midnight itself it will create a material request.

@nabinhait Thanks for your reply…