How to implement event management

Hi there,

in my search for a suited CRM, I have come across ERPNext. I signed up for an account and started playing with it.

Like (basically) all other CRMs out there, ERPNext does not offer a straight forward ‘Event Management’ logic (quite simple: managing participants in courses, … without any selling functionality or eventbrite integration)

So, I was wondering if there are tweaks or new forms someone developed that would allow me and others to:

  • create event/workshop/seminar
  • assig multiple contacts or one company
  • add income and expenses

Alternatively, I could think of having a product (the course) and to create a new offer/deal for every participant… just a bit cumbersome :smile:

Any help is highly appreciated,


@ThomasBisig welcome to the forum.

Yes you can create custom forms. See this:

Could the school app developed by Neil be of help here?

Thank you for your help, I have implemented a Courses DocType and a Course Participant DocType (as a childTable), which is a Link to Contacts.

However, although I can add participants to a course (great!), if I’d like to add the same participant to another course, ERPnext says:

Duplicate name Course Participant XXXXX-XXXXX
Courses xxxxxxxxx already exists
Did not save

I checked other DocTypes, where ‘things’ can be linked multiple times (e.g. Opportunity Item) but could not find the difference in the setting…

Could you help again?

Many thanks,


Btw: if it’s of any importance: the ‘Courses’ DocType belongs to the Sales Module and I have just added DocTypes as ‘custom’…

@ThomasBisig change the naming of the course participant so that it is unique, or if its a child table, just let naming be blank (it will generate a hash)

Thanks @rmehta, got it up and running :smile:

And thanks even more for creating such a great product!