How to implement Vue in Frappe - ERPNext

Hi, I’m new using frappe and erpnext, so i want to start to implement vue in my frappe - erpnext site, but I’m pretty lose about how to do it, i don’t know if i should do a full vue installation and next call vue in every Doctype, i don’t know how to structure fields to make efficient.

I’ll appreciate any help.

PD: Sorry for my English

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GitHub - NagariaHussain/doppio: A Frappe app to magically setup single page applications on your custom Frappe apps. check this out


I tried it but doesn’t work :frowning: , thanks for you answer anyway :smiley:

The link @marination provided is very good for creating SPA within frappe. However, it will be sperate from ERPNext. If you want to inject a vue instance in a doctype form you will have to call new Vue() in the client script. Vue comes pre installed with frappe so you don’t have to install the library. It will be accessible on any page within the desk.

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@Santiago If doppio fits your needs and if it is not working as expected, you can raise an issue on the github page with relevant details.

Hi, thanks
it needs to other host
how can create in my custom app
without installtion (cdn)