How to Import and Export Ø and other characters via Data Import tool?


There are 2 issues we are tackling here.

  1. I would like to import Ø character via CSV so that it shows correctly on the browser.
    • For this I have tried to import this character as &#216, this seems to work but creates problems in case of exporting.
  2. Second issue is that when we export this character to CSV then it should show as it is.
    • Now for this issue, I have tried to enter the Ø directly in the field and it exports as in CSV if its opened in a text editor but it shows up as Ø when I open the CSV in excel
  • If I use &#216 it shows correctly while importing but it shows as &#216 in CSV and in EXCEL.

So my question is how to import this character so that it shows correctly on the web and also exports correctly on the CSV and opens up correctly in the EXCEL.

Are you exporting as UTF-8?

You might have to convert document to UTF-8 after exporting from Excel.

I am exporting the field via report so I don’t know a thing about those CSV being in UTF-8 or not.

My main concern is that should I import this field as &#216 or should I enter those manually by copying from Windows’ character map.

Also is there a way I could get the character exported to CSV in its proper format since &#216 does not convert to diameter sign in CSV and the actual diameter sign when entered on the form does not convert to proper sign in EXCEL but is shown properly in the CSV.

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