How-to import bank accounts?

I am importing data to a new ERPNext instance and am stuck with bank accounts (for Suppliers).
It seems nobody has the permission to import the bank account Doctype (not even the Accounts Manager)


  1. should not the Accounts Manager role be [permitted by default to import Bank Accounts?
  2. even if I check the Import box in the Role Permission Manager for the Role Accounts Manager on the Doctype Bank Account, perform a bench restart & refresh the browser I still can not select the Bank Account Doctype in a new data import. How can I enable that?

Hi @vrms,

thanks for sharing, I was not aware of the new (v11) bank account DocType. How does it differ from the Account of type “bank”? If I look at bank reconciliation, it actually proposes the account of type bank (not bank account)… This might be more confusing than helpful… So what can one do with the bank account?

Is this helpful info?: feat: Reconciliation dashboard and Plaid integration by chdecultot · Pull Request #16202 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
I think it contains several fixes to the existing bank DocTypes and has been green-lighted for inclusion in v11.

it looks to me as if the doctype “bank account” is just a way to store account information for Suppliers/Employees, nothing more.

It’s not part of the chart of accounts or so.

Still, this is not the issue o this Topic. Which is how to enable import of the “bank account” ?

as it seems to be a bug I have created a Github issue

seems you have to check “Allow Import (via Data Import Tool)” in the Doctype Settings (which by default is unchecked for the ‘Bank Account’ DocType) in order to make this work. I don’t see any reason why this should not be enabled by default though.

Seems you can only enable that when in “Developer Mode” though